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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ana "The Hurricane" Julaton won over Segura

Ana "The Hurricane" Julaton showed why she is one of the most dominating female fighters in the world today. Not only did she plead to fight a Power Punching Mexican Fighter in Segura who came in 4lbs over the contract limit during weigh ins at 130lbs (Contract weight was 126lbs) which is a higher weight class for Julaton who normally fights at 122lbs, but she dominated Segura by using angles, footwork and her Signature Jab. Segura who was visibly the bigger fighter could not establish her power punching rhythm during the fight as Julaton put on a pure display of boxing excellence in the ring tonight. "Ana boxed beautifully tonight, this is the style that suits her best and I was so very proud of her performance tonight!! She pitched a "NO HITTER" and I am confident Ana will win her fourth World Title this year" said Allan Tremblay of Orion Sports management who has guided Julaton's career.

"I am happy to have the full support of Orion Sports Management and I am very happy that Allan continues to trust me with these opportunities" Julaton said about her Promoter. Julaton who is now 11Wins 3Losses 1 Draw was cheered on by the hometown crowd of Yucatan as this was her second fight in their homeland and she is showing why she is a fan favorite World Wide. Some locals yelled "Ms Pac Man Please Knock her out" and other cheers were directed towards the Female fighting pride of the Philippines. Many yucatan people have been calling Julaton "Huracan de Yucatan" as she had been given a Jersey by the Yucatan Leones Baseball team President with the an inscription in the back "Huracan de Yucatan" the night before the fight as Ana threw the first pitch of the game.

Canal Trece's Juan Carlos Guitierez interviewed Ana in the fight in which Julaton thanked all the support from the people all over the world and thanked the GMA Network and Yucatan Boxing. The question was asked what is next for her and Julaton's response was "I would like to fight Jackie Nava next and since she doesn't like to leave her hometown to fight I have no problem fighting Nava right her in Mexico!"

Allan Tremblay who was interviewed by the GMA Network who was in Mexico covering the fight said "I would like Ana to fight Jackie Nava in her home province of Pangasinan as I believe it would be one of the great events this year. I have been attempting to contact Governor Amado Espino Jr. through his staff and I hope to hear a response from him soon before I make my decision for Ana's next fight. There are many locations interested in that fight but I would for us to give Ana's next World Title fight to the good people of the Philippines. It's time for her to have a Homecoming Event."

Pangasinan Governor Amado T. Espino Jr. hosted Ana Julaton's Homecoming Celebration in 2010 after Julaton won the WBO 122lbs Championship defeating current WBC Silver Belt Champion Mexico's Maria elena Villalobos. A fight in the Philippines would be a mega attraction with Julaton challenging for her 4th World Championship. Rumor's are that Jackie Nava will be fighting on July 14th in Texas on the undercard of Juan Manuel Marquez. A Julaton vs Nava fight would be one of the biggest events in Mexico and the Philippines but could be a great addition to that fight card in Texas.

Orion Sports Management will announce Julaton's next fight venue within the next few weeks. Philippines, Mexico, Argentina or Texas where ever it may be the Hurricane is back into her "Pugilist Specialist" ways.

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