Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mayor earns ire of village leaders on ‘job orders’ issue

A village official recently spoke up against the uninformed inclusion of his relative in the list of job order appointments of the City Government.
Councilmen’s League of Angeles City (CLAC) Executive Vice President and Barangay Cutcut official Roy Ogurida, in a radio interview, said the inclusion of his sister’s name in the list of the City Government’s job order employees, along with the names of the relatives of other barangay officials, was done without their knowledge.
“Ito ang tunay na mga ‘ghost employees’ ng City Hall. Nakalista ang mga pangalan nila sa payroll pero kung hahanapin mo sila ay hindi naman talaga nagtatrabaho dahil ni hindi nila alam na nakalista pala sila bilang mga job order,” Ogurida said.
Ogurida said that during the CLAC emergency meeting held in November 27, the barangay officials refuted all 40 names listed as job order appointments in the PhilHealth Program under the Office of the Mayor.
He said these people are not actually working for City Hall and are not even aware that they are listed as job order employees and they have not been the ones collecting their supposed salary.
Ogurida also said that they made a computation of the supposed salaries of these JOs, which is listed as P500 per day or P11,000 a month and they discovered that within the appointment period from July to October 2012, the salary allotted for the 40 people in the PhilHealth Program amounts to P1.7 million.
Asked about where the names of their relatives could have been taken from, Ogurida surmised that the list must have been taken from the Personal Data Sheets (PDS) submitted by barangay officials.
Earlier, David expressed resentment over the situation after learning that the name of his wife, Irene David, was also included in the list of job orders without their knowledge.
David said his wife does not work at the city hall and collect her supposed salary.
On October 19, 2012, graft and corruption charges were filed before the Office of the Ombudsman against Pamintuan, City Accountant Wilfredo Tiotuico, City Budget Officer Fe Corpuz, City Treasurer Juliet Quinsaat and and other department heads by local newsman Robledo Sanchez in relation to the 2,506 job order employees of the City Government.
Sanchez also called Pamintuan out for having several relatives of barangay officials listed as JOs under the City Government.